Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Time for a change, as the Mayans might say. In the past this blog has been about writing. Tips, thoughts, hints, a few personal stories (not many) and perhaps a different take on the kind of advice to writers that fills the blogosphere for anyone who cares to look.

I'm not going to do that, anymore. There is more information out there about writing than any of us could possibly absorb or remember.


I am about to launch a new website. It's in early stages of design, but should be up within a few weeks at most. The old .org address will automatically roll over to the new site once it's done. The blog will be easy to find, linked from the site and still at the same address here on blogger. But it will be different.

All of my books document the missions of The Project, a small, dedicated black ops team of men and women who work only for the President. The Project is run by Elizabeth Harker. Her job is to stop America's enemies before they can accomplish their destructive goals. The Project is good at it, though it isn't easy work.

In the future you will be able to read the confidential dossiers of the Project team members. There may be an occasional interview, although the covert nature of their work and security requirements necessarily limits what can be said. There will be ongoing updates on mission progress as new stories are declassified.

Set for declassification in December of 2012 is the next mission file: THE TESLA SECRET.

I love to hear from readers and will always respond to emails. My email address is:

Please stay tuned for further updates.

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